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Happy Chinese New Year

I stopped in to pick  up some Chinese takeout yesterday, only to find the restaurant packed with people –  a crowd at the door, either waiting for a table or, like me, waiting for their takeout order. I had forgotten … Continue reading

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Gifts of Christmas Past

I feel so lucky to belong to 2 different art groups – both with very generous, supportive artists that I can call my friends. The ages, life experiences and skill levels of these women vary greatly but we enjoy getting together … Continue reading

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The Secret Garden

This autumn, I completed the largest mixed-media piece I had ever worked on. The altered book art group that I belonged to had committed to an exhibition at the local library. We were to choose a favorite book and interpret … Continue reading

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Craft Room Makeover Monday and Stamp on it

Okay, I realize that it’s not Monday but actually Wednesday. I got a little behind with my blog and am trying to get this done before it becomes Makeover Thursday. I’ve got pretty much all my fabric sorted, and I’m … Continue reading

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Doodling a Winter Wonderland

So far, winter has been very disappointing. I seem to be in the minority I like snowy, cold winters, but we’ve had very little snow so far and the temperatures keep popping up into the 40’s and 50’s (F) during … Continue reading

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Coming and Going

A Quick Look at My Year in Crafting and What Lies Ahead Last spring, my Mom asked me, “where are you going with this craft thing that you are doing?” I had just informed her that, despite my lack of money, I had decided to attend … Continue reading

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Happy All-Hallows Eve – Art Journal Page

I went through a period where I thought that Halloween was for kids – not really for the grownups. However, ever since I’ve been doing the artistic stuff, I’ve been looking at the holiday with new eyes – through pumpkin-colored glasses. … Continue reading

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