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The Secret Garden

This autumn, I completed the largest mixed-media piece I had ever worked on. The altered book art group that I belonged to had committed to an exhibition at the local library. We were to choose a favorite book and interpret … Continue reading

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Weekly Drawing Challenge 3

I’ve been participating in a weekly drawing challenge, along with one of my art group friends Joanne, and her friend Jeanie. We take turns making up themes, drawing our interpretations then emailing the results to each other. This batch of … Continue reading

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Weekly Drawing Challenge

Continuing with my weekly drawing challenge, the three of us participating emailed our results to each other. Even though I’m usually a week or 2 behind, I feel that the more I continue drawing, the more confident and comfortable I … Continue reading

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Weekly Drawing Challenge

I’ve joined a weekly drawing challenge. I like working with paints and markers but don’t feel very comfortable drawing. I thought that by joining my friend Joanne and her friend Jeanie in their drawing challenge, it would give me the incentive to quit … Continue reading

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I’m currently working on a book swap, where each person contributes a page, then receives a whole book at the end of the process. The theme is flowers and color.  The color theme I’ve got is green, so I had been trying to come up … Continue reading

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Coming and Going

A Quick Look at My Year in Crafting and What Lies Ahead Last spring, my Mom asked me, “where are you going with this craft thing that you are doing?” I had just informed her that, despite my lack of money, I had decided to attend … Continue reading

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Exploring Glass Art Day

A few weeks ago, our Glass Arts Center held an “Exploring Glass Arts Day” or EGAD for short; inviting the public to visit their facility and try some different glass technique workshops. Each workshop was only $15 and served as … Continue reading

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