When I was a child, I wanted to be an artist/naturalist/poet just like Michigan icon Gwen Frostic. I admired her so much. I loved to cut and paste and paint and my parents encouraged my creativity.

As I grew up, my interest moved towards the performing arts and I went to college and came out a costume designer. After many years as an actress, a costume designer and a director, my interest then moved into photography. I feel lucky that I live in a small city in Southwest Michigan that values the arts and offers opportunities to those interested in pursuing their dreams.

Now my love of art has re-manifested into art journaling, printmaking, mixed media and other paper arts. I have an itch to learn new crafts and new techniques: I am an apprentice in the field. Someday, I hope to call myself an artist.

In the meantime, I pay my bills by working as a Library Assistant at the local public library and try to fit in an artistic life evenings and weekends.


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