Stencil Time

Stencils have come a long way since the 70’s. At that time they were mainly used on walls and furniture. At some point, using stencils as wall decor became rather – well- tacky.

Who was the artist that decided that stencils could be used in art – either as a layered background or a focal point?

I was never that interested in stencils when I first began dabbling in mixed media art. I collected a few stencils here and there,  but my interest really took off  when I got my first gelli plate a few years ago Now, I am crazy about my stenciling and probably own WAYYY too many, but I really can’t live without them.

So….I thought I would present a few past and current projects showing off some of my favorite stencil projects.

Peacock Sneakers

IMG_20170613_202320In cleaning out my closet recently, I came across this pair of  very white sneakers. They were just begging to be painted – so I did! Then after I painted the shoes, I painted the laces as well. I used lots of layers: blue and purple fabric spray paint, inexpensive acrylic paint in metallic gold, green and pink,  a few stamps and stencils….

.IMG_20170614_201018 IMG_20170614_200943 IMG_20170614_200706

  These are Balzer Design stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop.

IMG_20170613_134837289_HDRcloseup view

IMG_20170613_195606Trying them out for the first time (It’s true, I do have very big feet – it is not an illusion!)

Metal Embossed Box


A few years ago, I took a metal embossing class and really loved the process. This particular piece started out with some metal house flashing, a stencil from Stencil Girl, copper tape, iris blue gilder’s paste and a few metal embossing tools.


The stencil used to create the lid of the box. I would really love to work on more projects like this  – metal work fascinates me.

Sunset art journal page

IMG_20170611_175544                                                     This is how the page started  

IMG_20170613_201809                                        And how it looked when finished.

After applying a pink and yellow background using homemade water-color sprays, I stenciled half the page with a blue, then flipped it over for a reverse image on the bottom half. I brushed on a little matte medium to help protect the background , some gelatos. and gold Wink of Stella for a shiny sun.


Another Balzer Design from The Crafter’s Workshop. Do you get feeling that I really like Balzer Design stencils?

Rose coffee table-bench


IMG_20170614_235434554Charlie decided that he wanted to be in the picture as well. Such a diva!

I decided to  use an old bench for a coffee table in my living space and found this lovely rose stencil to use as an embellishment at either end. The stencil, from a company called Show-Offs uses a fine mesh for the open parts of the design, much like a silkscreen.


You can see in this close-up how the mesh creates a silkscreen-like stencil. Pretty cool!


Of course I have tons of other projects using stencils. These are just a few that I have been working on lately, or stand out as something kind of special to me.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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  1. joannethiemehuffman says:

    Lovely projects! I look forward to seeing your shoes.

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