More Altered Books -Women and Wisdom

I’m finally going to show off my favorite altered book page created for the round robin in which I participated. You can see some of the other pages that I made for the different themed books here, here , and here.

Rose Ann brought in a cookbook to alter, her theme being  Women, Wisdom and Recipes for Friendship. Every now and then, throughout the book were partial pages cut in half circles. As soon as I saw those pages I immediately knew I had to make some sort of a layout using the round shape as a fan. I couldn’t wait to get the book.

Here is the page layout completed:

img_20160201_100220.jpgthe left side of the page with the completed “fan”. img_20160201_100417.jpgThe left side without the fan. img_20160201_100318.jpg The right side of the page with the “fan” in place. img_20160201_100052.jpg The right side of the page without the fan.

I knew that the fan could be flipped back and forth from one side of the page to the other, and that there would be 2 ladies on either side, taking turns at hiding  behind the fan. That is as far as it went for about 2 weeks. Then came the flurry of a brainstorm – I would use old Japanese geisha prints and they would  flirt from behind the fan. It took a while, but I finally finally found 2 ladies with a similar look (probably by the same artist)  and printed them off.

They were cut out and glued on to a scrapbook page with a bamboo-like design on it.  I really liked that the figures were big enough to go beyond the limitations of the book and  off the top of the page. The fans were created with napkins , the slats or spines of the fan made by painting craft sticks and gluing them down. I carved a stamp to look like an Asian signature seal called a chop loosely using my initials (stamped in red). The quote I used was from “The Pillow Book”  written by Sei Shonagon, a lady of the Japanese court who lived in the eleventh century. I finished it all off with a small red tassel hanging off the bottom of the fan.



So this is how I tend to work, In half-planned sort of way. I have an idea, or at least a semi idea. I can picture in my head how I want it to look but I really don’t have a clue on how to execute the idea and make it happen. From then on I just play around until it all comes together. It always seems to work out in the end.



About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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2 Responses to More Altered Books -Women and Wisdom

  1. joannethiemehuffman says:

    One of the very best spreads in the whole round robin!

  2. Luanne says:

    Wow, Jill, these are so beautiful! I love your work.

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