A Charm-ing Valentine’s Day

 One of my goals for this year is to not just pin craft ideas on Pinterest, but to actually use them as inspiration and create my own crafty things based on the pins. Almost immediately after I made this resolution,  one of the art groups I belong to, came up with a similar challenge to make something inspired by something found on Pinterest. It sounded like a good time to start working towards the goal.

The original Pinterest pin, from farmhousenotforgotten.blogspot.com , made from paperclay, painted, aged and made into jewelry.

My hearts were also from paperclay, but ornament rather than jewelry sized. I painted and aged them, but didn’t really like how they looked, so I rubbed a little gold ink over them as an accent.



A variety of stamps and stencils created the impressions in the clay, and I painted them in luscious watermelon and raspberry wine colors of Luminarte Silks acrylic paint. 

I was also participating in a valentine charm swap, and since I’m not very adept at working with beads and wire, came up with 3 fairly simple charms. 



I bought the components at the local craft store, glued in a bit from an old book page and added a hand-painted heart using the Luminarte Silks painted on tissue paper. There is mica in the pots of color, creating a shimmer to whatever you paint.

After the first simple charms were made, it gave me the confidence to make some little heart charms from my stash of paperclay. I painted them purple with a slash of Celadon green then decided I wanted to add a dangle bead at the bottom. I was willing to make the dangle myself, but found some cute ones at the craft store in the perfect color so I decided to use them instead.



I do think that the purple came out too garish, and I would have re-done them if I could, but these were to be mailed out and I was beginning to run out of time.

Two charms were the limit, then I read an article in one of my craft magazines about using a die cut machine to cut aluminum, such as soda cans. I really wanted to try out this technique and made a third charm to mail out with the other 2.



I cut out off the top and bottom of a couple of diet coke cans and used the smallest die I happened to have: butterflies. The die cut machine did a great job, leaving a slight bevel in the metal so the edges were not sharp. I added another little dangle and even though they were too big for the actual charm swap, I included them as an added bonus.

I tend to worry too much about wrapping wire for jewelry, and because it’s not something I do very often, it takes me hours to complete a project. Because most of the wiring was already done, I could enjoy the creative process and try out some new techniques.

addendum: I’m currently taking an online class called Creative Jumpstart at http://www.nathaliesstudio.com and they are doing a show and tell with Luminarte products so I’ve decided to show off my Luminarte Silks charms. My favorite go-to paints is either the twinkling H20s or the Silks. I love the zing that the mica in the paints give.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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8 Responses to A Charm-ing Valentine’s Day

  1. These are all beautiful – even more impressive in person.

  2. KimD says:

    The purple on the hearts, can you tell me the name of that purple? Thanks!

  3. Hi, Jill! I found you ART blog! Duh. After all this time! These are really beautiful — I like the hearts AND the valentine charms.

    Mostly I like that we finally got to meet! And I hope it happens again — and soon!

  4. Cath Sheard says:

    Oh my! Your hearts are *gorgeous*! I love the little gold detailing on them.
    BTW I got here via cjs14; it’s nice to meet you and read your blog.

  5. lehtipollo says:

    Love the Valentine charms! The paper hearts look a little like fairy wings.

  6. Wow! love the ornament harts.

  7. mandysea says:

    These are just beautiful… I really love the red hearts the most… and the butterflies.. gorgeous!

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