Weekly Drawing Challenge

I’ve joined a weekly drawing challenge. I like working with paints and markers but don’t feel very comfortable drawing. I thought that by joining my friend Joanne and her friend Jeanie in their drawing challenge, it would give me the incentive to quit thinking about drawing and actually do it. I missed the first couple of weeks but came in to draw on the 3rd; the theme being mismatched.

I don’t do a lot of collecting, (except maybe art supplies and fabric) but I cannot pass by a feather, a seed pod or a beautiful leaf without picking it up. I decided that some different sorts of seed pods would work for the mismatched theme. I think they came out pretty good.

This last week, the theme was “someplace else” so I decided to draw my dream house in the woods, next to a secluded lake. It’s based on a little cottage I stayed at in Grand Junction at Saddlebag Lake. It had been overcast and cool all day, but the sun finally came out just as it was setting, across the lake. My girlfriend and I had been hiking along the Kal-Haven trail all day, and it was a great end to a long day.

I realize that I cut off my little cabin on the right side of the picture when I took the photo so here is an earlier, less finished photo that shows the whole thing.

I originally thought it would take a short time to complete each challenge, but it usually takes me a lot longer, which means I have to plan more time in order to get things done.

The challenge this week is “am I blue?” I figure that it could be interpreted in different ways.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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6 Responses to Weekly Drawing Challenge

  1. I’m behind on my “someplace else” because I’m someplace else. I love your cabin by the lake. I love the sunset. It’s all good!

  2. Linda K says:

    beautiful!! I think your sketches are marvelous, and your watercolor scene is glorious in its vibrant and pretty colors! Thanks for sharing at AJED.

  3. Erika N says:

    Enjoy your page- that sun is perfect! Love how it is so large and not too too bright…nice job.

  4. teddi says:

    these are very lovely! i like seeing your drawings. it always seems to take me longer than i intend as well. i am a slow creator.

  5. Carolyn Dube says:

    Your use of color conveys such a happy and peaceful feeling! What a dream house! Love it!

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