Craft Room Makeover Monday and Stamp on it

Okay, I realize that it’s not Monday but actually Wednesday. I got a little behind with my blog and am trying to get this done before it becomes Makeover Thursday.

I’ve got pretty much all my fabric sorted, and I’m boxing up all my various craft supplies until I can get to it later and sort it all out and find a home for everything. I’m clearing up one area of the room at a time in preparation for moving the various heavy furniture pieces into their new spaces.

I really do own a lot of crap stuff. I’m  having a very difficult time letting go; not just of fabric, but papers, magazines, books, clothes, old Christmas cards and on and on….. I know that I’ll be glad I got rid of all this when the process is finished, but right now – it’s just really hard.

For example, I’ve kept these fabric pieces from old Sing Out Kalamazoo costumes (circa 1970’s) . There is not enough fabric to make anything, it’s just a sentimental attachment. I’m thinking that I may put them in a journal as a keepsake so they won’t clutter up my fabric bins.

So far I’ve thrown out 3 garbage bags full of stuff, recycled 2 grocery bags of paper and cardboard and have 2 garbage bags full of fabric that will be going  – somewhere. Most of it is pretty ugly or polyester double-knit so even if I donate it to Goodwill are the they going to want it?

In the meantime, I’ve started making some stamps, using Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s online stamp making course as a guide. I took a couple of workshops from her at the Create retreat last summer and really liked her style – as a person and her artistic style. Since I haven’t made an stamps since then, I am feeling pretty rusty. I was glad to see that we are starting small and are working toward larger, more complex stamps as we go along.

A small, 1 inch heart stamp to get us started by practicing with the points, dips and curves that make up the shape. Also to get used to working with a linoleum cutter.

Using the stamps with tags.

Another small 1 inch stamp using 2 different stamps to create a single but 2 color design.

I used this stamp to create little books on a “luv the liberry” bookmark. It looks as though I need to work on my lettering style. I like the idea but I don’t quite have the design down yet.

It looks like I didn’t make my Wednesday deadline. It’ll be easier to get more reliable blogging time once the room is complete – I also hope to be more creatively productive once everything is in order and I can find all my supplies without digging through 4 different bags.








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5 Responses to Craft Room Makeover Monday and Stamp on it

  1. You’re still way ahead of me on studio work; but I’m making tiny inroads. I absolutely love your stamps. I think I’ll have to stop studio organization (ha!) and pkay with making some word stamps today.

  2. Linda Deal(Cline) says:

    What year(s) were you in Sing Out? I joined in 1970-1971(shortly after my sister Terri did)What was your name then(if it’s changed) Remember the gold, blue, and green corduroy jumpers? And then the green dreses with the neck scarves. The worst ones were the skirt set in gold,red and purple. The red dresses weren’t bad– was on the costume commitee for that.And the bicentinnel costume was ok-red,white,and blue starred guys shirits from k-mart(I believe) white wrap around skirts with red and navy blue tops and a white scarf around the neck. Good memories!

    • Jill-O says:

      Linda, I was in Sing Out between 1970 and 1980 and remember most of the outfits, since I sewed them all (except for the Special Supplement costumes, which were bought). Even though the red gold and purple costumes were a pain, they looked great onstage. I don’t remember corduroy dresses – we mostly used knits because of the wash and wear and no-wrinkle plus.

  3. M-M. K. Asenbauer says:

    “…fabric pieces from old Sing Out Kalamazoo costumes (circa 1970′s)… I may put them in a journal as a keepsake…”

    Having been a founding member of SOK I find that very interesting. I wonder if The Kalamazoo Valley Museum would be interested if you submitted small swatches with pictures of the the group wearing the garments.

    • Jill-O says:

      Hi Mike, it doesn’t seem like something as small as a singing group would be worth the Museum’s notice, but you never know. I used to know all the Museum staff, but most of them are now retired so I wouldn’t know who to ask.

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