Craftroom Makeover Monday – week 3

As this is the 3rd week in my craftroom makeover, I wish I had some photos to show: pictures of clean, tidy areas, organized shelves, an inviting workspace.

Sorry, I tend to work slowly, in bits and pieces, fits and starts. I’m currently in the middle of going through all my fabrics, throwing out the small scraps and bagging up the larger pieces, knowing I’ll never use them – usually very ugly material.

I tend to have a bin for each color; some colors have 2 bins. My job this week was to go through and cut the stash in half. So far, I’m only halfway there. I own lots and lots and lots of fabric. As I’ve been sorting, certain patterns have come to my attention. For instance,  I have a lot of red fabrics and a lot of green. Understandable, since I really like these colors and use them a lot. However, I also have overflowing bins of pink and blue – colors that I don’t really like very much. Oh, I like hot pink and turquoise blue and I did have some of those shades in my collection. But mostly, the container had a lot of pale, sickly pink and dull plain blue. I never use those colors, so many of them had to go.

Here are many of my bins filed away one of my shelving units. I have been slowly getting rid of the gray bins for clear ones. I use the clear ones for continuity and so I can see what I got. I don’t understand  quilters and artists who place their fabric in open shelving. I feel that though this practice may look pretty,  the fabric just collects dust and cats looking for a soft place to nap. 

I hope to be done with most of the fabric sorting by Wednesday. Then it will be time to move furniture around. This will be a lot more fun than organizing a fabric stash.

Here is an update of my organizational plans:

It may look spacious, but to me it looks like I only have about 5 by 7 feet of open space in the middle. I’m only adding a few pieces and rearranging what is already in there. I hope that my calculations are accurate either so everything will go exactly as planned.

My big concern is the closet door; it opens out – bang into the library table, which I will be using as a work table for my paper craft projects and will double as a fabric cutting table. I may have to take the door off the hinges but I hope I don’t have to. The door, window sashes and floorboards are painted this amazing peach color. I wonder how hard it would be to flip the door around and put the hinges on the other side so it opens the other way, towards the window.

My current furniture includes:

  • the library table – in my new stamp-making and other craft-making area. It will have some table top storage plus my computer and printer. 
  • sewing desk –  I see no reason to change its original purpose.
  • drafting table – I use it as a painting table for my art journaling and other messy crafts.
  • I have 2 tall shelves. the industrial gun-metal gray shelf that I will continue to use for fabric, and a heavy wooden shelf which will be used to hold supplies and unfinished projects that I use for that area. 
  • Two smaller shelving units currently in the room are pretty much useless, so I will be trading them out and replacing them with an old baker’s rack – more supplies and current ongoing projects. Above the baker’s rack I have more hanging shelves. More storage as needed.
  • I’d like to add a reading lamp, a comfortable chair and an old dresser for smaller storage. The closet is also available for storage, if I can get more shelving in there.

There is a lot that I haven’t worked out yet. I usually have to move the actual furniture around and see everything in place before I make a final decision. Drawing plans gives me an idea, but I always have to make adjustments when I am working with them in real life.

I hope that by next week, I’ll be able to provide more pictures and a lot more progress.


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a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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2 Responses to Craftroom Makeover Monday – week 3

  1. You are making more progress than I. I have taken my “before” photos and have emptied out 6 plastic boxes (the ones that hold scrapbook paper) to start organizing projects with. Long ago I had a sitting space/reading area in my studio, but I rarely used it; so I moved the chair to my deck (it’s a old indoor-outdoor chair) and put the lamp by the shelves where I put finished projects.

    • Jill-O says:

      I have this old rocking chair that needs a home that I think will fit. If it ends up taking too much room, I have an old cedar chest that will fit under the window – that can be used for more storage plus a place to sit.

      I am concerned about all the things that I have to find a place for: paper, old books, beads, needlework, printmaking supplies, stencils, paints, sewing patterns and who knows what else I’ve got buried under all my “stuff”. Do I have enough storage, enough room for everything that needs to be in there? I won’t know until I start putting these supplies away. This is definitely a long-term project.

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