Craftroom Makeover Monday

I need to change my sewing room into a functional multi-purpose craft room. The room is a mess. Since I haven’t done a lot of sewing in the past few years, it’s ended up as a catch-all for all sorts of things and is a major mess. I have a bad habit of not putting things away when I get them out, so now I have a room that I can barely move through. Craft supplies are scattered throughout the house, making it difficult to find any specific item that I want to use.

My goal:

To reinvent the room so it works for all my crafting, not just sewing.

Clean and organize my supplies and materials so they are easy to get to and easy to put away.

To use what I have around the house in the way of furniture and storage. I have very little money to spend right now and need to be very budget conscious.

I will post every Monday on what I have accomplished the previous week. I am hoping that this will keep me motivated until I am done. I work full-time and am involved in different organizations so will not get it all done in one short weekend. By breaking the room down into small sections it should make the job less overwhelming.

If anyone out there in the ethernet has any good ideas, please feel free to  pass them on in the comments section. I am always open to cleaning and organizing tips, and this may provide a forum for others in the same boat as myself.

I am really not crazy about photographing any “before” pictures of my room. To tell you the truth, I’m very embarrassed by the mess and clutter. However, I want to be honest about this, so I’ll show a part of one wall. I absolutely refuse to show the floor of the room, cause, to be honest, there is very little of the floor to see. Practically the whole room is covered by stuff.

The first step will be to get everything portable off the floor,see how much space I have to work with and make a plan.


About Jill-O

a girl who likes lakes, trees and critters; making an attempt at living the artistic life.
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1 Response to Craftroom Makeover Monday

  1. I have exactly the same plan (and possibly more mess in my studio) for when I get back home. We should commit to making progress reports to each other.

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